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Unique Wall Decor Ideas for your Space

April 20, 2022

Unique Wall Decor Ideas for your Space

It's the finishing touches that make a house a home and bring your interior spaces to life. 

Looking for unique ideas for your walls can be an overwhelming experience with so many options and possibilities available.  But don't worry, if you are looking at adding the final touches to your contemporary or coastal space, we have you covered. 

Whether you are an art collector, a surfing enthusiast or even a book lover, your walls can be customised to ensure you are surrounded by things that you love, making your home a sanctuary, a place you want to be and enjoy being in.

1. Think unique... think surfboards.

We would be crazy not to recommend them and not because it's what we do, but because they look incredible as statement pieces in your home.  With unique shapes and artwork, they are sure to draw attention and become a talking point amongst guests. The only draw back? Having to stop the surfer in your family waxing them up and hitting the waves!

Depending on the size and placement of your wall, surfboards can be displayed in a variety of ways, from hanging vertical or horizontally and even just casually leaning against the wall for the ultimate relaxed coastal interior vibe.

Bespoke Performance Surfboard by Whyte | LD Art House

Pressed Leaves Surfboard | Whyte Surfboards


2. Large scaled wall art

Be bold, think big. An oversized painting or photograph will demand attention and set the tone for a space. With a wide variety of art now available, it is easier than ever to decorate your space. 

Ocean Horizon | Coastal Style Wall Art Print | LD art House

What's more relaxing than gazing at the ocean horizon?
This statement coastal style wall art by LD Art House certainly hits the spot.

Available here.

 Original wall art by Tania Blanchard

Gravitation by Tania Blanchard

Looking to invest in original art?

Look no further than Tania Blanchard.
Tania is a local Gold Coast artist who creates pieces that demand attention.

They are striking and bold in colour and are full of tone and texture. 


3. Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is curated display of art, prints and / or photographs that have been creatively arranged on your wall. They are a great element to help inject personality and colour into a space. Used a feature, they work well anywhere in your home, from a staircase, to a living room or in a bedroom. 
Gallery Wall | Coastal Style Wall Art | LD Art House

Gallery wall above a study desk by LD Art House 

4. Use wallpaper

Gone are the days of a feature paint colour on a single wall, today it is all about wallpaper and decorating the wall itself. With a wide variety of patterns and available, from eye catching florals, to basketweave textures and standard stripes, it is the ultimate element to completely transform your space.

POCO Design's have used a textured Phillip Jeffries wallpaper

POCO Design's have used a textured Phillip Jeffries wallpaper to give this Master Bedroom the ultimate sophisticated touch.


The Mokum La Palma Wallpaper

 The Mokum La Palma Wallpaper has been used in this space for a bold and striking, tropical touch. Available via The Fabric Editors.


4. Show off your hat collection

Who knew that hats can look just as good on your walls as they do on your head? Creating a hat wall not only opens up valuable space on your wardrobe, they create unique decorating creature by adding texture and depth to your walls. 

Although we have named a few, decorating your walls is endless is possibilities.  

Kara Rosenlund decorative hat wall | LD Art House

Using hats and combining different textures and elements, Kara Rosenlund has created a beautiful and unique entry space full of style and personality.
We could continue the list all day with endless possibilities of unique ways to decorate your walls. Don't hold back and start decorating!

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